Thursday, March 02, 2006 

A bit late, but...

Like Cara, I used the Internet Random Generator to figure the prize out. Being the nice hostess that I am, even though there wasn't very much interest, I decided to do it!
And the winner is...Julie! Congrats, and great job on your Rogue! Email me with your color and yarn weight preferences, and I'll send it to you ASAP.


Tuesday, February 28, 2006 

I managed to finish it up on the Friday night before the closing ceremonies.


I love the sweater and will wear it way to often. I'm happy that I had reading week to recover from my exam (and most importantly, get all of my knitting done). I also have loved watching the progress and finished products from everyone else knitting Rogue.


Monday, February 27, 2006 

Thank god they're over. Whew.

Rogue is done and I love it! Yay for me! Yay for team Rogue! Yay the Olympics are over!

However - no Yay for Fox 12 Oregon, whose audio broadcast (non-cable) has been out for the last 6 days. Don't they realize that one can not watch American Idol with no sound?!?!?

Sunday, February 26, 2006 


OK, I admit it. I failed. Failed horribly. Hating the yarn, hating the hem, hating the pocket bulge, etc. -- these were all just lame excuses. Really, what I hate is knitting under a deadline. I hate having to work on a particular project, instead of being able to go with my mood.

Congratulations to the rest of you on finishing your Rogues. They look great.

I will finish my Rogue eventually. But I will stubbornly do so according to my own timeline. Cuz I am lame that way.

Persnickety Knitter

Saturday, February 25, 2006 

I feel like there should be music....

This is truly an Olympic moment for me.
-I have a design project due for my employer.
-On Feb 18 I had a birthday and a baby shower (baby due March 18th) which absorbed huge amounts of knitting time.
-Feb. 19th was recovery day. And a sad day as one shower guest drove home to find her home burned to the ground.
-Mon. Feb 20 - grandson over to visit for the day with intestinal bug. Much pooping, whining, and lethargy and not a lot of knitting.
-10pm Monday...relaxing in the tub when I hear my daughter screaming "K's in labor!!" I am the coach. The dad is a wonderful, wonderful man who did amazingly well, but was very afraid he'd bail on her, so my job is to not leave the room. Rogue does not travel to the hospital well. Her water has broken and, while we're not in active labor yet, we're having a baby within the next 24 hours. Did I mention Rogue can't come along?
-Tuesday 9:45am. We start pitocin. I spend the next very few hours saying things like "Verrry through your nose...slooooowly...and let it out nice and slow...excccellent...". Preemie baby girl is born at 12:44pm. Awesome.
-Leave hospital at 5:45, come home, relax and knit a bit.
-1am Wednesday. Remember when I said my grandson had an intestinal bug? Yeah, well, he left it here.
-2am, 3am, 4am, 5am, 6am...wishing for death...2pm. I think I am already dead and my husband and daughter will find me here, on the bed, one with the mattress.They can bury me in the half finished Rogue.

Fast forward...because the rest is all about eating bananas, sipping ginger ale, and running to the store for preemie outfits, deoderant and nursing bras (apparently Dad was just not up to the challenge for this one, although he tried mightily...but sometimes a woman knows what a woman needs, especially when it comes to things like nursing bras...), and then fun things today like finishing the sleeves, blocking it all, lamb stew and Sheep Dip...


And I'd planned to post MUCH sooner



I have been kinda busy this week!




I'm finished! I finished last night before bed, but didn't have any pictures until my husband got home today to model it.

Being goofy like that, I created a photoshow about the Rogue sweater that is somewhat along the lines of "The giving tree" and "I'll love you forever" Please watch it here:



Well, I finished the Rogue I was knitting! I'll give you a pic.

See my blog for more!

Happy knitting [like mad] to everyone who hasn't finished yet. YOU CAN DO IT!


Everyone must be busy knitting

Hey, y'all -- just wanted to let you know I'm finished! Hooray for me! Now I can get back to other projects that I set aside 2 weeks ago. Actually, I'm not at all happy with most of the places where I had to join yarn, so I'm going to go back & try to make those better. Then I'll give it a soak in some Eucalan & lay it out to dry. I asked her, "Now, are you going to wear this?", and she said, "Mom, you made it." So there's hope.

Those of you who are still working: you can do it! The finish line is just ahead.


Thursday, February 23, 2006 

Julie's Rogue progress

I was going to post earlier, honest! I've been having some issues getting pics off the camera and into the computer. Anyway, I've finished the body & hood. Still have that one stitch on a holder in the middle of the front. Haven't read the end of the pattern to find out what happens to that. I finished one sleeve and have been working on the other, but haven't done a thing with it since Tuesday. I thought I'd be able to finish yesterday, but got caught up in other things (life....)

The caption here (left) is "Mom, I don't have any makeup on -- I look terrible!" Mom says, "So, I'll take the picture from back here. We want to see the cable, anyway."

(right)This is sleeve #1, on the arm of her brother, as she was on the phone & didn't want to model. I've finished it and am actually further along than this on sleeve #2. I just realized that if I don't get back to work on this, I'll wind up like a certain snowboard cross racer who thought she had enough of a lead to get fancy, then crashed & lost the gold.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 

Emily's progress pics

I got them! I decided to leave out the modeled picture, because you can't see anything. So here are some {sucky} cable closeups.

I messed up on the middle section, so I had to think of some compromise. I HATE frogging.

Never mind that hole, I did the cable section before I read the errata on the double increase. And don't mention the right twist where it should have been left.

And the hood:

Cable messups in all the sections, yeah. But it's not for me. So I'm not worrying.

I tried to have it be a kids' 10...I thought I had gauge, so I configured it to a 29" chest based on a 4.5 sts/in gauge. Well? Turns out my gauge was one full stitch off. So, the final recipient will have to wait until I make a bigger size. Darn. I shoulda used bigger needles.

As of last night, the second sleeve is done and sewn up. Pictures to come!

And looky-booky: I did think of a little prize!

Here are the details: Everyone who posts at least one update in the next 2 days (a bit tight of a dealine, yeah, but the olympics are almost over!) will be eligible for a skein of handpainted (by me, I love dying! I mean, as in dying yarn.) yarn in the colorway and weight (as in worsted, etc, not as in 8oz) of their choice! I will choose the names during the closing ceremonies! Dawn, Sarah, Julie, and Erika are all already eligible. Maybe this will attract more attention to the team...

Monday, February 20, 2006 

Hood Complete

This is the cables, and the view of my graft on the top of the hood. I finished this up on Saturday, and then took a break from competition yesterday when I had company over all day. I got lost only a few stitches in on Pumpkinmama's walk through, but know enough about kirtchner that I winged it, and figured out how to graft it on my own. I'm so proud. I'm not sure if I missed some decreases in the sides of the back of the hood, or what, but every time I tried to stitch it to the cable panel, it kept turning out all bunchy. I finally said screw it and made some little darts on each side to get rid of the bunchiness. You can't see them in there, so we'll just pretend that they don't exist *wink* This leaves me with the sleeves to do. I cast them both onto 1 circular this morning. I want to make sure, what with the striping issue, that they turn out exactly the same. Everyone's sweaters are looking fabulous! I'm looking forward to more posts.

Sunday, February 19, 2006 

One week's Rogue progress...

Sorry for the late posting . . . I was a little slow to find this great Team Rogue page.

This is my first Rogue and I am loving it. It has the perfect combo of mindless and pay-attention knitting. So far, things have gone smoothly minus one sad day of sleeve work.

This whole idea of Olympic knitting has been incredibly inspirational to me. I now want to attack all my projects with this kind of zeal and speed. Alas, my husband and daughter will not find this intense level of knitting very amusing beyond the Olympics. But for now, it's a nice excuse to knit 24/7 (I have a yarn store, so I really shouldn't complain because I get to do a fair amount of knitting during my week).

I also decided to send all my projects on needles out on sabbatical. They have all gone out into the world to learn more about themselves and their place in my knitting life, so that they may return to me at the end of 16 days refreshed, renewed, and anxious to become completed knitted items. I highlight one every day or so on my blog if you'd like to learn about them. :)

Here's my Rogue progress to date:

I also love the idea that there are upwards of 15 or so of us all knitting Rogue together. I think a few may have Michelle Kwan'ed themselves out by now, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Happy Rogueing Everyone,


Sittin' 'N Knittin'

That about sums up my day. And I must say that I could get used to it. I have a pot roast in the slow cooker, a couple of movies piled near the DVD player and many pages of charts strewn about the couch. I'm enjoing the hood, but will be happy to get the sleeves and back to a single page of cables.

Not sure if you can see the details on this:

And here's a shot of the whole thing, as she currently sits:

Tomorrow is a stat holiday in Alberta, but I'll be trying to locate an appropriate zipper on Tuesday. Wish me luck.


Emily's progress

Okeydokey. I've noticed Dawn and I are the only ones posting. Maybe I'll have to think of an incentive to post. Like the Jaywalker kal (do I have to link?!) and Red-Hot-Sizzling-Socks.

That said, I'm almost done with the first sleeve. It's gone so much faster than I ever thought it would! And of course, huge thanks to PumpkinMama for the grafting cheat sheet. (Go check it out on the sidebar.) Well of course, I'm making it in a kids' size., but still. I've like, never knit this fast.
I've taken some pictures, but that whole thing with the usb cable is sort of stopping me.

Bye-bye, I'm going to go update the sidebar.

Friday, February 17, 2006 

Something's wrong

I finished the body of the sweater yesterday, but something's wrong. The darn thing has stripes! I bought 10 balls of Plymouth Encore over the internet. They came to me all sealed up in a plastic bag. They are all the same dye lot. Apparently, though, there is more black in the heather of some balls than others *grrr*. My DH says he likes it though, so I will not be frogging it. That would make me cry. Onward and upward!

I also finally got a decent picture of my cable work. Cables don't show up well in dark yarn in pictures I've noticed.