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Saturday, February 25, 2006 

I feel like there should be music....

This is truly an Olympic moment for me.
-I have a design project due for my employer.
-On Feb 18 I had a birthday and a baby shower (baby due March 18th) which absorbed huge amounts of knitting time.
-Feb. 19th was recovery day. And a sad day as one shower guest drove home to find her home burned to the ground.
-Mon. Feb 20 - grandson over to visit for the day with intestinal bug. Much pooping, whining, and lethargy and not a lot of knitting.
-10pm Monday...relaxing in the tub when I hear my daughter screaming "K's in labor!!" I am the coach. The dad is a wonderful, wonderful man who did amazingly well, but was very afraid he'd bail on her, so my job is to not leave the room. Rogue does not travel to the hospital well. Her water has broken and, while we're not in active labor yet, we're having a baby within the next 24 hours. Did I mention Rogue can't come along?
-Tuesday 9:45am. We start pitocin. I spend the next very few hours saying things like "Verrry good...in through your nose...slooooowly...and let it out nice and slow...excccellent...". Preemie baby girl is born at 12:44pm. Awesome.
-Leave hospital at 5:45, come home, relax and knit a bit.
-1am Wednesday. Remember when I said my grandson had an intestinal bug? Yeah, well, he left it here.
-2am, 3am, 4am, 5am, 6am...wishing for death...2pm. I think I am already dead and my husband and daughter will find me here, on the bed, one with the mattress.They can bury me in the half finished Rogue.

Fast forward...because the rest is all about eating bananas, sipping ginger ale, and running to the store for preemie outfits, deoderant and nursing bras (apparently Dad was just not up to the challenge for this one, although he tried mightily...but sometimes a woman knows what a woman needs, especially when it comes to things like nursing bras...), and then fun things today like finishing the sleeves, blocking it all, lamb stew and Sheep Dip...


And I'd planned to post MUCH sooner



I have been kinda busy this week!


Wow! what a week! Congratulations! Rogue is very low on the priorities compaired to all that :D

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